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Common Problems That Require Expert Refrigerator Repair

When it comes to refrigerator repair, Cincinnati locals know that most problems are not fully what they seem to be. A leak may simply be a one-time thing, and the temperature inside your freezer could fluctuate one day and be back to normal the next.

Warm Refrigerator Compartment

Here at All City Appliance Repair of Cincinnati, we have seen numerous cases like this, and we recommend that you keep a close watch on your fridge without hesitating to call on the assistance of our experienced and reliable repair specialists if the problem seems to grow out of hand.

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If you know how to repair a refrigerator, you will likely realize that this is most likely an airflow issue. The evaporator fan responsible for transferring cool air from the freezer to the fresh food compartment through the diffuser duct may not be able to do its job properly for some reason.

There are usually two possible reasons for this: either there’s a problem with your evaporator fan or the diffuser needs cleaning. The fan motor may fail for some reason in which case it will have to be replaced. The duct can easily be unclogged, however, since in most cases it will only be blocked by ice.

A more advanced issue, this should normally be addressed by a professional who is well-versed in handling refrigerator repairs and can handle the entire job of unclogging the diffuser duct or replacing your fan motor in one day.

Frost in the Ice Dispenser Shoot

While it is important for an ice dispenser to open and release the ice you may need for a cool, pleasant drink, it also has to close properly. If frost constantly builds up on the ice dispenser shoot, it is likely because the damper door (the small door that opens and closes the device) is unable to close properly.

There are many reasons why the damper door might not close, the primary of which might be that it requires cleaning. Inspect the damper door to see if it closes properly, and in case the problem persists even after cleaning it, you may want to ask for advice from an expert refrigerator and ice maker repair technician.

Water Leaking Onto the Floor

This can be problem entirely more difficult to trace than any of the others. In most cases, a refrigerator repairman will recommend that you monitor the issue and see if it’s just a onetime occurrence or if it happens regularly, especially if the temperatures inside the refrigeration unit seem to be mostly normal.

If the leak is constant and there doesn’t seem to be a schedule on it, then it is most likely caused by a problem with the water supply. On the other hand, you might observe a pattern, and this could suggest a more serious and troublesome malfunction associated with either the defrost cycle or the ice maker system.

Regardless of how complicated or simple your refrigerator problems might seem, sooner or later you may be faced with the choice of hiring a repair service to take care of it, or any one of your other big home appliances like your dishwasher, stove or your washer and dryer.

Here at All City Appliance Repair of Cincinnati, we are well aware of the most frequent (and most obscure) problems associated with refrigerator troubleshooting and repair.  And with our help, you too can get your appliance working again, just like our many previous customers.