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Dryer Repair When Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

If you notice that your clothes are taking multiple drying cycles to dry completely, it is very likely that you are in immediate need of dryer repair service. Letting a reliable appliance repair service technician look at your dryer now could save you a nice sum of cash in the long run, because the total failure of your dryer might be waiting for you right around the corner. That’s why when it comes to dryer repair, Cincinnati residents trust All City Appliance Repair.

What Causes the Dryer to Dry Clothes so Slowly?

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We’re good, but there are some appliances we can’t fix…

The most common cause of this problem is inadequate heat, which, appliance repair specialists agree, is the first sign of an impending failure. There are a few important things to examine at this point in order to discover where your dryer problem is originating:

  • Voltage and power issues. Inadequate heat can be the result of the dryer not being supplied with the proper voltage. Before calling a dryer repair specialist in your home, verify that your circuit breakers are working correctly and no fuses are blown. If another heating appliance (like a hair dryer) works perfectly well when plugged into the same outlet, then it means the problem is definitely with the dryer itself.
  • Defective heating element. This is a common problem with older Maytag dryers. If you have one of these dryers and it has been in use for a number of years, it could be time to replace the heating element. On-site repair is unfortunately not feasible, but All City Appliance Repair carries replacement elements for most models and can quickly install a new one, bringing your dryer back in working order.
  • Malfunctioning door switch. A common Kenmore dryer repair issue that leads to inadequate heating is a door switch that intermittently sends a “door open” signal to the heating element inside the dryer. Try opening and closing the dryer multiple times to determine if the door switch is faulty. If this is the case, installation of a new switch is an easy dryer repair procedure.

If any of these verifications shed light on the origin of your dryer’s problems, you have a good idea of their cause. You can save yourself a great deal of time by mentioning what you know to our dryer service technicians who can then come over and directly address the issue without having to take the time to make an involved diagnostic.

If the source of the problem is not yet clear, there is no need to worry. Our dryer repair experts can still use the knowledge that the obvious problems are not the cause of your inadequate heating and go directly to checking the coils (for gas dryers) or the thermal fuse (for electric ones).

Whatever the problem is, All City Appliance Repair has the tools, knowledge and experience to get your dryer working again. Solving the problem now will save you a headache later, so do not hesitate if you begin to notice inadequate heat coming from your dryer. Preventative dryer repair like this is one of our specialties and can be done at far lower cost than if you wait too long and let other parts of the dryer break on you. We’re also capable and happy to help you with any other major household appliance you may have issues with, such as your washing machine or dishwasher, or your refrigerator or oven.